In September of 2001, and on the eve of what was to become the most devastating period of my life, I began receiving beautiful, Holy Spirit-inspired poems and psalms that continued for years. I have always had a love for writing and poetry, but what was coming to me was like nothing I had ever written before. And I was compelled to write all the time. I kept paper by my bed, in my purse and in my car because I never knew when a new one would come.

The first poem I remember receiving completely drained me. It was a poem of pain and travail and I felt every word that I wrote. I called it You’re Stretching Me, Dear Lord, My God. This poem stands out above the rest and is particularly near and dear to my heart because of what happened to me the night I finished it.

I was up extremely late that night which is not normal for me. I am not a night person. I’m usually in bed pretty early however, this night, for some reason, I could not go to bed. I was driven to stay up until I had finished this poem. This night will be burned into my mind and my heart for the rest of my life, for this was the same night I heard God audibly call out my name…

To be continued…



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